ATTN: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs, Executives, Authors, Coaches, Healers and World-Changers

Do You have a message that you want to turn into a movement?

There are plenty of gurus who can help you grow a business that will make you millions. But, if that means you have to sacrifice your spiritual values and soul's purpose, is it really worth it?

You’re here for more than just making a few dollars. You want to have an impact and you want to be aligned with your true spiritual nature.

I created the Movement Maker Blueprint to help spiritually-minded entrepreneurs 10x their impact on the planet (and their bank accounts) without sacrificing their spiritual values or dealing with the icky feeling that those gurus’ manipulative business growth tactics leave.

The Movement Maker Blueprint is a framework built on the blueprint and principles that leaders like Gandhi & Dr. King used to change the world.

This is for you if:

  • You have a message you want to turn into a movement
  • You consider your business a mission, a call to serve others
  • You have a hard-earned life lesson that can change lives
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I’ve spent my entire life studying the lives and legacies of visionaries who created movements that changed the world. They did NOT follow all the commonplace (guru) business practices to generate their impact.

They did something completely different. And if you want to change lives the way they did, you’ll need to do something different, too.

That way is the Movement Maker MethodTM.

Over the years, I dissected their approach and distilled the principles they used into a framework that modern purpose-driven change-makers are using to launch their own movements today. They are using the Movement Maker Method to change the world and grow profitable businesses that honor their spiritual values and life purpose.

My mission is to pass those teachings on to you and help you turn your message into the movement the world has been waiting for.